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Besides the commitment and dedication of the

past year and the actual service itself.


Photography should be priority one, make sure

to reserve the date early on.


In an area as large as DFW you will find an

over abundance of photographers.


Keep in mind only a very small group are

qualified to handle the needs of this type of



As you may know, too many elements can

occur that can be easily missed without a

trained eye knowing what is to happen next.


Experience is the key.


Just make sure you know who you are dealing


with, visit them, look at past work.


Asking for referrals is perfectly fine.


Randall and Chris our choice on the site,

have attended and captured in excess of 400

Mitzvahs over the years with nothing but



Ask either of them for referrals, you will be

pleasantly surprised!


On the homepage hit the photography icon for

many samples of their work.


Mitzvah photography can range from $888 to

$1685 depending on your needs.


Example Package.


Four hours of coverage at party.

Album,  Portrait session prior to the event,

making it possible to have current images of

your child for the program and sign in board.

All images on DVD and a Website for viewing

and ordering. $1388


If Temple allows $300 for service.


This is a fair guideline to base your search on

for  qualified photographers.




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