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-Video Montage-

A real crowd pleaser if done correctly.

This is basically a 13 year journey of your child's life in photo and video format set to music.

It includes family, friends and most importantly the friends of your son or daughter.

The production is usually cut into chapters and separated by songs.

Try to if possible include everyone at the party in the project.

Trust when we say they are looking for themselves.

Not only is the project a whole lot of fun, it is a very cost effective feature for the event.

Both our photographers and videographer on this site can assist with this venture.

Depending on the amount of images and possibly video you will be using, these projects can range from $350 to $550.


Costs may be cut down by attempting this project on your own.

 This can be done.

 But keep in mind by the time you purchase the software required, learn how to use it, add in your time to create, having a professional take this on may be the best option.

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